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Geospatial Data Management & Analysis

With over 5 years dedicated to GIS Management and Analysis, we have the skills to provide a wide range of geospatial services. No job is too small and we can offer you services of any scale or duration. Our primary aim is to make GIS as accessible and user friendly as possible, without compromising efficiency and budgets.

Storing and maintaining data is mission critical in any system and we have the tools to advice, design and implement robust data catalogues. Tools for data access can also be built from these catalogues to make data access simple.

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Spatial Software & Tool Development

A history in NRM, database management and software design, we are perfectly suited to provide custom solutions for a range of geospatial needs. We have worked on projects building custom GIS platforms, GPS downloaders, format converters and ESRI Add-ins. We can also provide spatial data management advice and solutions.

We primarily code in VB.NET but have also developed using C.NET, C++, VBA and VBS. We use industry standard libraries in our coding to ensure extensibility and easy of integration. Some of the packages we use include MapWindow, DotSpatial, GDAL and ArcGIS.

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Website Design

We have designed and rolled out one flagship website, with another soon to follow. Initially started as a volunteer endeavour, the Hindmarsh Landcare Network website was born out of a personal connection with the network and their amazing planting weekends.

The site is built upon Silverstripe CMS which is one of the easiest to administer and create templates for such organisations. Silverstripe is our preferred platform for dynamic sites, with raw HTML5 code preferred for static sites such as the one you are viewing now. We host our sites with Rack Servers whom have some of the best customer service around.

Another site to the line-up will be added shortly for Yarrilinks Landcare Network. Watch this space!

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Location Based Apps

We have just recently moved into the mobile app world and are now about to create location aware apps for data collection. We can design apps that work both online and offline and can include on-device mapping capabilities. Apps are coded using HTML5 within the MoSync framework.

Data can be stored in either your private cloud, or we can look after your data for you. The data being collected in the field can be accessed in real time by software such as ArcGIS, Google Earth, OpenLayers or GeoRSS viewers.